Arden Estate in Tobago near Roxborough for sale

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The Arden Estate is located near Roxborough in the remote East of Tobago. It is a former Cocoa Estate and in the meantime overgrown with secondary forest. The land is sloped with flat areas in between. The property reaches a height of 350m above sea-level, where you have a wonderful view towards all sides. There are several water streams - the Roxborough River is running through the Estate. Town and Country Planning Division (TCPD) has granted permission for subdivision into at least 5-Acre-Parcels. The property is declared for the main purpose of Eco-Tourism and Agriculture by TCPD.

Location of the Estate

The land is located on the Roxbrough-Parlatuvier-Road. The drive will continue straight through the Rainforest Reserve to reach the Caribbean Sea in about 15 minutes. Driving to Scarborough takes about 30 minutes and to the Airport it takes about 45 minutes. A high quantity of mature trees like Cedar, Cypress and Mahogany is available on the land. The property is ideal for the development of a Eco Resort. Several materials like gravel, river stones, timber, rotten rock, bamboo, water etc. could be utilized from the land.


Sale of 100 Acres: TT $9,000,000 - negotiable
Sale of 5 Acre pieces: TT $550,000 - negotiable

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